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    Potassium diformate
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    Potassium diformate,
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    Potassium diformate,
    Product name: potassium diformate
    Alias: double potassium formate
    English name: Potassium diformate
    CAS NO: 20642-05-1
    Molecular formula: HCOOH HCOOK
    Molecular weight: 130.14
    Packing specification: 25 kg/bag
    Properties: white crystalline powder, soluble in water, acid, high temperature easy to decompose.
    Quality indicators: the content of 98.0% or higher
    Moisture 2.0% or less
    Heavy metals (Pb) of 0.001% or less
    Arsenic (As) 0.0002% or less
    Storage methods: a cool and dry place closed storage
    Application: feed additives
    Validity: 2 years
    【 efficacy characteristics 】
    1, potassium diformate is approved by the European Union in 2001 using the first antibiotic feed additive, can improve feed palatability, improve piglets, the growth of pig feed intake, daily gain and increase price of feed, pig intestines formation of the acid environment at the same time help to improve the activity of digestive enzymes and digestive rate of nutrients, promote growth, improve the pig utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus. Improve the cow ChanNaiLv.
    2, by reducing the pig intestinal pathogenic bacteria excretion and effective purify animal growing environment, enhance the animal disease resistance, reduce the morbidity and mortality. This product significantly reduce the number of pig intestine escherichia coli, salmonella, prevent diarrhea effect is obvious. Also can prevent piglet edema disease.
    3, no harm to the people, animals and the environment, can be completely biodegradable, the use of safe, effective, non-toxic.
    【 usage and dosage 】
    Piglets (5-1.8%) 12 kg weight, weaning piglets (12-25 kg), 1.8% 1.2%, growing pigs (25 to 50 kg) from 1.2% to 0.6%, 0.6% for fattening pigs. 【 notes 】 can use for a long time, not resistant also no withdrawal period.

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