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    Urea peroxide
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    Urea peroxide
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    Urea peroxide
    Products overview:
    Also known as carbon amide, hydrogen peroxide urea, carbon amide peroxide, is formed by urea and hydrogen peroxide adducts.
    Second, the physical and chemical indicators:
    Appearance is white crystalline powder, non-toxic odorless,
    Theory of active oxygen content: 16.0%,
    H2O2 content: 35.0%,
    The nature of the soluble in water aqueous solution with urea and hydrogen peroxide.
    Three, product application:
    On the medical and pharmaceutical industry: urea peroxide can be used as a kind of efficient, safe and convenient solid disinfectant, yi ke in aqueous solution. Compared with hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid peroxide has obvious bactericidal power, wide antibacterial spectrum, using low concentration, without leaving residues, etc, also can inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds, residual no stimulation. In cancer treatment for liver ascites.
    In daily chemical industry: urea peroxide can be used as a person and the animal hair bleach, straighten the neutralizer agent, perm, hair color, especially after adding in toothpaste, can play the role of toothpaste is not commonly: reduce plaque and bacteria, reduce periodontal diseases and dental caries. At the same time can cause the tooth enamel harden, have very strong inhibition on dental caries. In addition, the urea peroxide can be used as bleaching agent used in neutral detergent.
    In agriculture and animal husbandry: urea peroxide increased oxygen agent in aquaculture industry can be used to fish ponds, disinfectants and pond of oxygen when first aid agent. Can also be as small poultry feed disinfection oxygen agent. Also can be used for oxygen-enriched ripening of fruits, vegetables.
    In textile and paper industry: urea peroxide can be used for cotton, wool, rayon, linen fiber bleach. Polyamide fiber softening agent, antistatic agent and decoloring agent. Is also used to bleach paper industry, ore flotation modifier etc.
    Four, the packing and shipping:
    25 kg or 50 kg/barrel, 50 kg or 100 kg/bag, can also according to user requirements for packaging.
    Products should be stored in ventilated, dry place, drench, fire prevention, moisture-proof, waterproof, prevent common transportation tool.

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