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    Epoxy fatty acid methyl ester
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    Detailed description: epoxy fatty acid methyl ester
    Minor: C19H36O3
    Physical and chemical properties: this product is colorless transparent liquid, soluble in most organic solvents and light stability.
    Product use: mainly used in the production of high quality non-toxic PVC products, such as children's toys, iv, disposable PVC gloves, refrigerator sealing strip, and food packaging film, etc. Instead of tributyl citrate esters TBC, terephthalic acid dioctyl ester DOTP green nontoxic plasticizer, etc.
    Product features:
    1, environmental protection, non-toxic, the product 100% natural vegetable oil as raw material to produce finished products, products have passed SGS test, fully meet the eu environmental protection requirements, has been successfully applied in the plastic toy exports to the eu.
    2, color: the color of products, 35, and DOP color is consistent, does not affect any transparent PVC products
    3, epoxy value: this product is the domestic similar products in the epoxy value of the highest, effective alternative number increase, decrease the cost of producing PVC products.
    4, no smell, my company after years of research and development, production epoxy a fat one without any smell, thus improve the quality of PVC products.
    5, add my company production of methyl 1 epoxy can make PVC finished products, color is more bright, feel softer, cold heat effect is more obvious.
    Pack pack: 200 kg plastic drum or iron container, 180 kg/barrel
    Note: this product transportation should be far away from the fire, when handling the handle with care, no rain, upside down, the weight.
    Products indicators:
    The Epoxy Value, Epoxy Value of 5 or more
    Water Water 0.1 or less
    Acid Value the Acid Value of 1 or less
    Color, Color (APHA) 50 or less
    Iodine Value, Iodine Value 6 or less
    Flash point Density 175-185
    The Density of the Density 0.94 to 0.96
    She NO smell
    Condensation point Condensation point 7 ℃

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