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    Potassium formate
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    Potassium formate description:
    English name: Potassium Formate
    Molecular type: HCOOK
    Molecular weight: 84.12
    Sex form: appearance of pure white fine crystalline, soluble in water, dissolve and can be very fast; Easy to moisture absorption. Has a reducing, it can react with strong oxidizer, bulk density of 1.9100 g/cm3, non-toxic non-corrosive.
    Quality indicators:



    外 观


    HCOOK含量,% , ≥


    水份,% , ≤


    KOH含量,% , ≥


    K2CO3含量,%, ≤


    KCL含量(以氯计),ppm , ≤

    50 ppm

    铁离子含量,ppm, ≤


    钙离子含量,ppm, ≤


    镁离子含量,ppm, ≤


    钠离子含量,% ≤


    1. As the outstanding performance of drilling fluid and completion fluid, workover fluid is widely used in oil field industry.
    2. Snow-dissolved agent in the industry, because additive acetate acetic acid smell is too strong in the air after snow melt and caused a certain degree of corrosion on the ground, etc and have been eliminated, and potassium formate is not only a good melting performance at the same time, to overcome all the shortcomings of the acetate and is well received by the citizens and the environmental protection personnel.
    3. In the leather industry, camouflage in the used chrome tanning acid;
    4. The printing and dyeing industry, used as a reducing agent;
    5. Also can be used as cement early strength agent, and used in mining, electroplating and crop of foliar fertilizer and other industries.
    Package is installed:
    Plastic woven bag lined with PP, PE bag packing, net weight 25 kg or 1000 kg.
    Storage: this product is a common chemicals, non-toxic harmless. Easy absorption of moisture, should be stored in dry warehouse. Because of the light to take light put, avoid the packing damage, lead to products be affected with damp be affected with damp

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