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    Wei one hundred mu
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    Wei one hundred mu's brief introduction:
    Mode, function
    With fumigation effect is usually wei one hundred acres is divided into dithiocarbamate esters nematicides, its degradation in the soil into methyl isocyanate give play to the role of fumigation, inhibit cell division and DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, and biological breathing suffocate suffocate, can effectively kill the root knot nematodes, weeds and other harmful organisms, so as to get clean and healthy soil. Can be used as a methyl bromide alternatives.
    Second, the scope of application and control object
    Suitable for greenhouse, greenhouse, plastic tunnel, flowers, tobacco, and Chinese herbal medicine, ginger, yam and other economic crops seedbed soil, continuous cropping soil sterilization, and seed seedlings cultivation matrix, bonsai soil, edible fungus mushroom bed soil fumigation sterilization, can prevent nematodes, fungi, bacteria, such as underground pests and all kinds of plant diseases and insect pests and prevent the horse pond, see mai niang, sedges, etc.
    Three, the key points of applying pesticide: temperature, humidity, depth, uniform and closed
    After applying pesticide, keep soil moisture between 65% ~ 65%, soil temperature above 10 ℃, spray evenly, liquid in the soil depth of 15 ~ 20 cm, covering plastic film immediately after applying pesticide and closed tight, prevent gas leakage, closed more than 15 days.
    Four, method of use:
    The use of the reference method
    Method of use: (1) and bed,
    1. Soil preparation: the soil tillage, before applying pesticide leveling, and keep wet.
    2. Applying pesticide: according to the water preparations dose 50-75 times dilution (depending on the soil moisture condition), evenly onto the bed surface and nourishes the soil solution 4 cm.
    Cover: immediately after applying pesticide cover polyethylene mulch to prevent gas leakage.
    4. In addition to the film: 10 days after applying pesticide to remove plastic, raking the soil, residual gas fully volatilize 5 ~ 7 days.
    5. Planting: medicine for soil residual gas disperse after sowing, or planting soil.
    (2), nutritional soil method of use:
    1. Prepare nutritional soil, such as using organic fertilizer, basal, etc should be first mixed with soil.
    2. The preparation solution: this agent and water will be diluted 80 times liquid for later use.
    3. Applying pesticide: nutritional soil evenly tile on or cement floor 5 cm thick film, will be made after the solution evenly sprayed on the nutritional soil, nourishes more than 3 cm, with 5 cm nutritional soil after spraying the mixture, solution, in accordance with the repetition of piles, the final cover tightly with film, prevent gas volatilization.
    4. In addition to the film: 10 days after applying pesticide to remove thin film, scarifying nutritional soil, the remaining drug gas out fully, scarifying for five days again, can be used.
    (3), protected area and land use:
    1, before applying pesticide preparation
    Garden: (1) clear to clear the field crop plants and residue (including weed roots).
    (2) hydrate: according to the soil moisture content, appropriate water to soil moisture 65% ~ 75%.
    (3) application: to avoid organic fertilizer with bacteria, organic fertilizer and so on need to have before applying pesticide
    Evenly applied to the field. "Living" researches should be used after applying pesticide.
    (4) ploughing, before applying pesticide loose soil.
    2, the administer way
    (1) by furrow: after ploughing fields on the open ditch, ditch 15 ~ 20 cm, deep trench from 20 ~ 25 cm, preparation according to mu dose right amount of water (generally about 80 times, now with now), evenly applied to the ditch, administer immediately after turns the soil, covering plastic film, prevent gas volatilization.
    (2) injection: applying pesticide using injection equipment in the field uniform spray (according to the equipment situation
    And soil moisture of adequate water), distance between 20 ~ 25 cm x 20 ~ 25 cm, after applying pesticide, soil hole closed, covering plastic film, prevent gas volatilization.
    (3) drip: applying pesticide pesticide applying drip irrigation are increasing dose and water amount, in order to achieve
    Applying pesticide.
    3, bulk gas: after applying pesticide airtight fumigation time changing with temperature, the temperature in more than 20 ℃ to 25 ℃ airtight 15 days, the temperature at 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ closed more than 10 days. Removed after the film on the same day or every other day commune field soil, loose soil, perforated 5 ~ 7 days. Detection of gas effect to do Chinese cabbage seed germination test, observation cabbage emergence and gas based on the health of the financing or not. Determine the sowing or transplanting after medicine net gas dispersion.
    4, matters needing attention
    (1) time: applying pesticide generally choose 4 ~ 9 or early afternoon 16 ~ 20, to avoid the high temperature at noon time, prevent pesticide applying medicine too much volatility and ensure personnel safety.
    (2) the drug in dilute solution easy decomposition, when used to active now. The reagent can react with metal salts, confecting liquid to avoid use metal utensils.
    (3) after applying pesticide, if discover to there is gas leakage or covering film holes, should be timely seal, in order to ensure the efficacy to administer.
    (4) it can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes, when applying pesticide should wear protective gear.
    (5) other considerations, see the labels.
    Five, the matters needing attention
    1. This product can not be applied directly on the surface of crops, soil treatment up to administer 1 times each season.
    2. The ground temperature above 10 ℃ when use effect is good, the ground temperature is low when the fumigation time should be extended.
    3. This product should be above 0 ℃ storage, temperature is lower than 0 ℃ easy crystallization precipitation, crystallization is found, before use may be placed on a warm place to heat up and shaking to the soluble can, does not affect the use effect. Our agent need to match current now, when using diluent not retained for a long time; This agent can not be used with bordeaux mixture, lime sulfur mixture.


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