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          Although sodium thiocyanate application is extremely widespread, but also can't deny that it has a certain toxicity, on different occasions when using sodium thiocyanate, we should pay attention to safety protection measures, today we'll look at the following several kinds of security together with sodium thiocyanate method!
          Engineering control: 1) production process airtight, ventilation in an all-round way.
          Respiratory protection: 2) excessive dust concentration in the air, recommends wearing self-priming filter type dust mask.
          3) the eye protection: when necessary, wearing chemical safety protective glasses.
          4) body protection: wear protective clothing.
          5) hand protection: wear protective gloves.
          6) other protective: after work, shower change clothes. Kept by poison pollution clothes, wash the backup.
          Dear friends, in different occasions, please in strict accordance with the rules and regulations to the use of sodium thiocyanate!

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