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    Selection of sodium thiocyanate of chlorine early strength agent
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         Like other thiocyanate, add 1.5% ~ 3% in Portland cement sodium thiocyanate and calcium thiocyanate, and at 20 ℃ and - 5 ℃ maintenance, can improve the early reaction rate of cement. In the thiocyanate, sodium thiocyanate in winter use or as a substitute for chlorine early strength agent of more and more important role.
         Thiocyanate is the salt of thiocyanate, chemistry expressions for H - S - C = N. Thiocyanate is easy to decompose, but thiocyanate is stable, so it is widely used in industry, and also in animal and human biological chemical production process plays a very important role. In recent years, thiocyanate used in food, medicine and health care and drug production, one of the most important purpose is used in the building admixture in early strength agent, mixed thiocyanate can shorten the setting time of concrete admixture of concrete, improve the early strength, it is used in winter concreting, as a component of antifreeze and shotcrete. By using this additive has other advantages: ensure that the project and completion, effective start earlier demoulding, plugging and shorten the maintenance period. Calcium chloride is the most economic and efficient early strength admixture. Widely used in the presence of calcium chloride in reinforced concrete is one of the limitations of if measures are not taken, in under the action of CaCl 2, will promote the reinforcement corrosion. Therefore, the use of calcium chloride decreased in recent years, alternative products have been developed, including sodium thiocyanate is increasingly widely used because of its excellent performance.

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