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    The sulfur sodium hydride emergency treatment method
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    A, leakage emergency handling
    Isolation leakage pollution area and the surrounding a warning sign, and cut off the fire. Emergency workers wear masks, wear chemical protective clothing. With plenty of water to rinse, diluting the solution into the wastewater system. If a large number of leaks, collecting recycling and harmless treatment after the waste.
    Second, the protective measures
    Respiratory protection: sulfur in the air at high concentrations of sodium hydride, wear a gas mask. Emergency rescue or evacuation, recommends wearing supply and marketing of gas respirator.
    Eye protection: wear chemical safety goggles.
    Body protection: wear chemical protective clothing.
    Hand protection: wear chemical glove.
    Other: change clothes in time, keep good health habits.
    Three, first aid measures
    Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing and irrigate with flowing water. Go to a doctor.
    Eye contact: mention eyelid, irrigate with flowing water for 15 minutes. Go to a doctor.
    Inhalation: quickly from the scene to fresh air. Breathing difficulties to oxygen. Stop breathing, artificial respiration immediately. Go to a doctor.
    Eat: one is to drink milk or egg white, go to a doctor immediately.
    The sulfur sodium hydride extinguishing methods: carbon dioxide, sand, water mist, dry powder

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