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    The RTS desulfurization new technology of waste liquid treatment
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         The RTS desulfurization new technology of waste liquid treatment
         We combine the RTS, MTS, improved ADA method with sodium carbonate as alkaline source of desulfurization process running the status quo, to handle the desulfurization waste liquid as the core task, both investment and benefit, designed a "catalytic decolorization and fractional crystallization" method of handling the RTS and other new technology of desulfurization liquid extraction of salt solution, in solving environmental problems such as outside the desulfurization waste liquid at the same time, respectively to sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3. 5 h2o), sodium thiocyanate (NaSCN) isolated from the outside the desulfurization waste liquid, make the supernatant after desalination vice salt content dropped to below 4 g/L, to be able to return to the desulfurization system recycling, processing after deposition mainly have three: Na2SO3. 5 h2o (95%), NaSCN (80%), Na2SO4. 10 h2o (salt), three kinds of salt can be sold, greatly improving the investment benefit. Main products of NaSCN (80%) after further refining the purity can reach 96% 98%.
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