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    Centrifugal process should pay attention to the following
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    In the process of producing sodium thiocyanate centrifugal process should pay attention to the following content!
    Production of sodium thiocyanate is a complex process, in this process, we have a step called centrifugal process, just see the note below!
    1 cool 30 degrees for centrifugal operation.
    2 centrifugal feeding when should pay attention to control the speed of the centrifuge. The material weight and is better
    Centrifugal, if centrifuge speed is too fast will lead to be dry soon, uneven distribution of solid, high-speed centrifuge when vibration is too big. Low-speed feeding when necessary, to hand out before you even after high speed centrifugation.
    3 good bags to plunge into the mouth immediately, otherwise you will suction.
    4 centrifugal material moisture content and sampling analysis room analysis.
    This is our production process of sodium thiocyanate, articles about the content of the other in the future we will continue to work in this paper for you

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