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    New technology of sodium thiocyanate in sewage recycling - anion exchange method
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          Industrial wastewater treatment and recycling use belong to environmental protection high-tech systems engineering, not only solved the industrial toxic waste on the ecological environment pollution problem, also can recycling valuable chemical raw materials from the waste water, which saves resources, and improve the environment, industriy is a event. In taian heavens is committed to environmental protection from the industrial wastewater recycling sodium thiocyanate, non-ferrous metals such as research and development and industrial application, has important practical significance for national environmental protection career.
         Together we look at the below from the new technology of recovery of sodium thiocyanate in acrylic wastewater - anion exchange method, the process is technically feasible, and the main technical indexes reach or exceed the expected value, the process adopts the reasonable technological process, set of alkali recycle can improve the quality of products, make the sodium thiocyanate PH by 13 to 9, improve the recovery rate of the product, save the elution alkali dosage, improve the qualification rate of sewage!
         With the development of science and technology, new sodium thiocyanate recycling technology will appear constantly, we are looking forward to that day!

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