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    The chemical characteristics of sulfate sodium thiocyanate
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         The chemical characteristics of sulfate sodium thiocyanate
         Sodium thiocyanate (NaSCN) is a white crystal, if moisture content more than 0.3% ~ 0.5%, and hygroscopicity of sodium thiocyanate crystal, especially the high purity of sodium thiocyanate will block. Anhydrous sodium thiocyanate melting point is 287 ℃.
    The solubility of sodium thiocyanate in water depends on the temperature, 8 ℃ when the concentration was 50%, 9 0 ℃ when the concentration is 67%, density of 1.228 kg/l (40% concentration) ~ 1.333 kg/l (55% concentration). Sodium thiocyanate crystal and solution are very stable, but more than 36 ℃ 8 will break down.

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