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    The application of the sodium thiocyanate in building admixture
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          Low temperature (between 7 ~ 5 ℃) of concrete processing is a special problem, because the concrete mixture will be frozen, and unable to get the required stability or hardening for a long time. As is known to all, these problems when mixed with calcium chloride. Mixing concrete corrosive of calcium chloride, but the hardening speed, the compressive strength is 10 c benchmark when concrete is beyond compare.
          Sodium thiocyanate with different hardening accelerator of chlorine salt compound make, make concrete has many excellent workability, therefore preferable. Composite with different admixture sodium thiocyanate is also not chloride hardening agent under cold, warm and hot weather year-round function.
    Although sodium thiocyanate is corrosive itself, but as the composition of the admixture is safe. "Sodium thiocyanate on mortar." the potential corrosion of rebar in concrete mentioned, in the range of the recommended dosage of sodium thiocyanate admixtures of reinforced concrete is safe.

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