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    In the production of sodium thiocyanate ammonia tank operation
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    Sodium thiocyanate production is very troublesome, need a lot of operation, but because of its application is very extensive, so even in complex production, here today, we'll look at it from ammonia kettle (3000 l) operation, hope to help you understand the sodium thiocyanate!
    1 feed to check whether the reaction kettle bottom valve is closed, before exhaust system is open,
    If vacuum exhaust gas into the reaction kettle.
    2 open the jacketed quick-opening valve, ensure that won't pressure-out water jacketed.
    3 end of the guide material, open pipe steam temperature ammonia for 1 hour.
    4 catch end of ammonia, cooling below 60 degrees, to join the activated carbon, continued to cool.
    5 to catch acid kettle ready, will the suction filter material into acid kettle.

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