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    Fire intumescent strip, mainly used in steel door, wooden doors and door frames, between door leaf. When fire Fire intumescent strip will be Automatic inflation, sealing the door gap, blocking air circulation between two Spaces, effectively prevent fire early smoke, toxic gas and heat and control the harm of human
    1 expansion temperature: starting temperature 199 °c, the body expansion temperature 347 °c ; 
    2 linear expansion ratio: the swelling of greater than or equal to the original thickness of 3 to 10 times; 
    3.high temperature and combustion performance: temperature to 980  °c and keep 90min, not burning, not grey; 
    4 smoke performance: the fire test for 90 min, door seal installation of left, right, and no obvious leakage cracks in upper smoke, smoke prevention performance is more than 90 min. 
    5 environmental capacity: under room temperature and 90 humidity conditions placed expansion ratio unchanged. 


    1.When can i get the price? 

    We usually quote within 24 hours after getting your detailed requirements,like size,quantity etc. .  

    If it is an urgent order, you can call us directly. 

    2. Do you provide samples? 

    Yes, samples are available for you to check our quality.  

    Samples delivery time will be about 3-10 days.  

    3.What about the lead time for mass product? 

    The lead time is based on the quantity,about 7-12days.For graphite product,apply Dual-use items

    license need about 15-20working days.  

    4.What is your terms of delivery? 

    We accept FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, etc. You can choose the most convenient way for you. Besides that,  

    we can also shipping by Air and Express.  

    5.Product packaging? 

    We are packed in wooden cases, or according to your requirements. 


    The actual price will depends on raw materials,exchange rate ,wage and your order quantity . 

    Hope to cooperation with you,Thanks ! 

    Product Name





    Melting,refining and analysis

    Dies,Molds,Ingot Chassis,etc.

    EDM graphite electrodes,semiconductor manufacturing,iron,steel and nonferrous metal making,continuous casting,metallurgy pressing machine

    Graphite Roller,etc.

    Heat treatment of steel plate in furnace


    Aluminum molding

    Graphite Pipe

    Guard pipe for measuring temperature,blowpipe,etc

    Graphite Block

    Masonry furnace and other heat resistance material

    Chemical Equipment


    Heat exchanger,reaction tower,distillation columns,absorption equipment,centrifugal pumps,etc

    Electrolytic Plate

    Salt solution and baking molten salt electrolyte

    Electrolytic Mercury

    NaCI electrolyte

    Grounded Anode

    Electrical anticorrosion

    Motor Brush


    Commutator,slipping ring

    Current Collector




    Mercury Ferry And Electronic Pipe


    Anode,grid pole,repeller pole,ignition pole of the Mercury rectifier and anode,grid electrode

    Graphite Bearing


    High temperature resistance sliding bearing

    Sealing Element

    Sealing ring,stuffing box seal,packing seal

    Product Element

    Braking in plane and vehicle

    Nuclear Graphite

    Nuclear Power

    Deceleration materials,reflective materials,shielding materials,nuclear fuel,support devices,etc

    Supplying and packing

    Graphite products can be produced as customers’ requirements and drawings.
    Packing: carton packing or as customer’s requirements. 

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